WILL BE HELD JUNE 24-25, 2017

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Final Results...

Photo courtesy of Joe Durling.

Open Doubles
1. PT Lovern and Jeremy Mirken
2. Ben Alston and Walt Houston
3. Martin Cote and Tuan Vu
4. Yves Archambault and Dominic O'Brien
5. Cory Current and Scot Hansen
6. Dan Greer and Jim Hankins
7. Zeke Ibardaloza and Tommy Whitworth
8. Jake DeClerq and Josh DeClerq
9. Mikey Bellman and Mark Hunsberger

Open Singles
1. Walt "the Assault" Houston
2. Martin Cote
3. Cory Current
4. Ben Alston
5. Dominic O'Brien
6. Tuan Vu
7. Dan Greer
8. Tommy Whitworth
9. Jake DeClerq
10. Jim Hankins
11. Mikey Bellman
12. Josh DeClerq
13. Mark Hunsberger


Intermediate Doubles
1. Jack Lentz and Anthony Ritz
2. Jake Hargrove and Reid Hargrove
3. Ted Fritsch and Ronnie Rodriguez
4. Twitch Lerez and Marty Pascual
5. Frankie Becerril and Aaron Saucedo

Intermediate Singles
1. Ted Fritsch
2. Reid Hargrove
3. Jake Hargrove
4. Jack Lentz
5. Ronnie Rodriguez
6. Anthony Ritz
7. Twitch Lerez
7. Marty Pascual
9. Frankie Becerril


Bouncy Ball Contest
1. Bouncy Ball
2. Matt Sweeny

Larry Doyle Golf
1. Larry Doyle
2. 28-way tie

Many thanks to everyone that came out to play and to watch. We had a great weekend, and we couldn't have done it without you!

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