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Monday, August 8, 2011

32nd World Footbag Championships Comes to an End

Oskari Forsten battles Florian Goetze in the 2011 World Footbag Championships. Photo courtesy of Phil Schaefer.

Helsinki, Finland was the host for this year's installment of the World Footbag Championships. And by all accounts, it was a huge success! Unfortunately, CLCK was not able to send any of its players across the pond to compete, but we are proud to bring you the results nonetheless. Congratulations to former Windy City Cup Champion Emmanuel Bouchard for winning Open Doubles, and current WCC Champion PT Lovern, who comes home with his second straight Mixed Doubles award.
Before we throw the rest of the results out there, we would be remiss if we didn't give a big shout out to team Finland, who not only hosted the event, but brought home a big portion of the medals too. Keeping the focus necessary to compete is hard enough when you have no other responsibilities, but add running the largest footbag tournament in the world to the list of tasks, and these guys and gals didn't even bat an eye. Congratulations to Tuomas Karki and the rest of the Finns- you guys rock!

Open Doubles
1. Florian Götze (GER) & Emmanuel Bouchard (CAN)
2. Matti Pohjola (FIN) & Janne Uusitalo (FIN)
3. Oskari Forstén (FIN) & Tuomas Kärki (FIN)

Mixed Doubles
1. Jody Welch (USA) & P. T. Lovern (USA)
2. Kerstin Anhuth (GER) & Florian Götze (GER)
3. Geneviève Bousquet (CAN) & Luc Legault (CAN)

Womens Doubles
1. Julie Symons (USA) & Jody Welch (USA)
2. Geneviève Bousquet (CAN) & Maude Landreville (CAN)
3. Ninni Liukko (FIN) & Piia Tantarimäki (FIN)

Open Singles
1. Tuomas Kärki (FIN)
2. Francois Pelletier (CAN)
3. Matti Pohjola (FIN)

Women's Singles
1. Geneviève Bousquet (CAN)
2. Piia Tantarimäki (FIN)
3. Kerstin Anhuth (GER)

Full Results are available at!