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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Stage is Set

Green Cup Champions Jack Harris and PT Lovern
The stage is set for an epic battle in Chicago at the 7th Annual Windy City Cup. Green Cup Champions (and former Windy City Cup Champions) PT Lovern and Jack Harris will be attempting to prove that they are the best American Footbag Net team, but Mud Island Belt Champions Walt Houston and Ben Alston have no plans to let them walk away with the Cup.  (Let it be noted that Jack is half of the current WCC Championship team as well- so the added element of defending the Title is also at play.)
Mud Island Belt Champions Walt Houston
and Ben Alston (holding Emmitt)

Standing in their way will be another former Windy City Cup and World Champion Manu Bouchard and his partner Tuan Vu.  Jeremy Mirken, Cory Current, 2012 WCC Champ Dan Greer, their partners and many others will be playing the role of potential spoilers, looking to hoist the Cup themselves at the end of the day on Sunday.

The summer is finally heating up and the footbags are flying.  There's never been a better excuse to visit Chicago.  Don't waste any more time thinking about it- book your airfare now!  Contact Scot at if you need a place to stay or any information that you can't find yourself on our website.

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