WILL BE HELD JUNE 24-25, 2017

Friday, May 9, 2014

Updated Information for the 7th Annual Windy City Cup

Tom Whitworth spikes on 2013 WCC Champions Jack Harris and Patti Schrickel.
Photo by Edwin Veltman.

The Seventh Annual Windy City Cup is looming in the future... will YOU be there?

The Chicago Lake Coast Kickers are gearing up for another great footbag net tournament, and we really hope you have plans to be in the City of Big Shoulders near the end of June.  Tight schedules, over-burdened members, and tough fund-raising is forcing us to keep the event slightly more low-key than what we've done in the past, but it's still going to be THE EVENT for footbag net in 2014.  You really don't want to have to hear about it later from your friends- be there!  Some of the top players have already committed to the event, including PT Lovern, Emmanuel Bouchard, Team Memphis, and Tuan Vu.  Many more are adjusting their schedules to fit it in.

We're incredibly happy to have Pro Kicker Footbags on board again this year as the official footbag of the Windy City Cup.  They've been with us from day one, and their ongoing support is the wind beneath our wings.  Order your next footbag and net set from them!

The entirety of our event will be held in the Southeast corner of Chicago's beautiful Humboldt Park.  Click over on the "Competitors" page to see a map that includes the park and our Players Party locations.  A full schedule is also available on that page.

Really cool people pre-register for tournaments.  You can be one of them!  Just click on the "Register Now" tab and get it done.  Pre-payment is even cooler, but not mandatory.

Click back to this page frequently as we will be making updates as they happen.