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Monday, June 22, 2015

Final Results for the 8th Annual Windy City Cup

Windy City Cup Champion Walt Houston

Congratulations to Walt Houston and Ben Alston- back to back winners of the
Windy City Cup Footbag Net Championships!

Thanks to everyone for coming out, and a big shout out to our sponsors-

Complete Results

1- Ben Alston and Walt Houston (Memphis, TN)
2- Emmanuel Bouchard (Montreal, QC) and Tuan Vu (San Francisco, CA)
3- Fletcher Funk and Tommy Whitworth (Chicago, IL)
4- Cory Current and Scot Hansen (Chicago, IL)
5- Greg Grandy (Chicago, IL) and Anthony Ritz (Erie, PA)
6- Ted Martin and Zeke Ibardaloza (Chicago, IL)
7- Edwin Veltman (Oakland, CA) and Vince Pontarelli (San Francisco, CA)
8- Jim Hankins (New York, NY) and Jake Dodd (Erie, PA)
9- Jim Hogan (Erie, PA) and Marty Pascual (Chicago, IL)
10- Ted Fritsch (New York, NY) and Steve Richardson (Chicago, IL)

1- Walt Houston (Memphis, TN)
2- Ben Alston (Memphis, TN)
3- Edwin Veltman (Oakland, CA)
4- Tommy Whitworth (Chicago, IL)
5- Jim Hankins (New York, NY)
6- Anthony Ritz (Erie, PA)
7- Jim Hogan (Erie, PA)
8- Ted Fritsch (New York, NY)
9- Jake Dodd (Erie, PA)

Some of the photos from Finals Day...

Ben Alston brings in the crowd with his huge spikes.

Tuan Vu hits a scuff to the delight of the crowd.

Two-time WCC Champion Ben Alston shows how it's done.

Manu Bouchard flies for a trademark spike.
All photos courtesy of Levi Hansen.