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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Perpetual Flame Scholarship Update

As you've probably seen, we had a great time at the 8th Annual Windy City Cup. Now that the dust has settled in Chicago, we're getting back to our normal lives again. Banners have been shipped back to their owners and all of the money has been accounted for. We were fairly successful selling footbags and t-shirts at Navy Pier, and with the addition of a couple of generous donations from individuals, we are adding $185 to the Perpetual Flame Scholarship fund. If you didn't already know, we're raising money in the name of Alvaro Manzanero, a fellow footbag player from Venezuela that was murdered in the streets of Caracas for his bicycle. Alvaro's dream was to compete in a World Footbag Championships. The dream may have ended for Alvaro, but with your help we can make the dream come true for another player living in poverty that may otherwise never get the chance. Please click here to learn more about how you can help contribute to this worthwhile cause.

Tommy Whitworth hits a sole swat at the WCC.  Photo by Levi Hansen.

We also wanted to take another moment to thank our sponsors, ProKicker and WorldFootbag, for being with us all these years. We really could not accomplish this event without their continued support.

Finally, the Chicago Lake Coast Kickers would like to send a special shout-out to Fletcher Funk, a great footbag net player that has been with us for the last four years. Fletcher moved immediately after the WCC to Colorado Springs, CO, where he is beginning the final phase of his Doctorate. We're going to miss you Fletcher!  (Or- excuse us- DOCTOR Funk!) We wish you nothing but the best of luck and skill as you move forward in your life.

Ben Alston and Tuan Vu battle at the net.  Photo by Jim Hogan.

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July 10-12
Montreal, QC

Lake Erie Footbag Tournament
July 18-19
Erie, PA

World Footbag Championships
July 26 - Aug 1
Copenhagen, Denmark