WILL BE HELD JUNE 24-25, 2017

Thursday, July 7, 2016

One Week Away...

Martin Cote (left) Walt Houston joust at Navy Pier.  Photo by Joe Durling.

Your final week to prepare is upon you. Get in your final practice kicks and stretches, pack your bags, and make your way to the City of Big Shoulders for the Ninth Annual Windy City Cup- North America's premier footbag net event.

If you haven't already done so, (and I know you haven't because I get notifications when you do) click on the Register Now tab and get yourself pre-registered for the event. It only takes a minute and it saves a ton of time and unneeded effort onsite. You don't have to pre-pay! The Register Now tab is just over there on the right-hand side of the page if you're looking at this on a normal computer, and it's within the drop-down menu if you're looking at your mobile device.

Follow this website for updates next week and throughout the tournament weekend. If you are competing in the event, make sure to check out the Competitors tab on this site. It has a full tournament schedule, maps to all of our sites, and other pertinent information that you can find on your own instead of calling me when I'm busy registering everyone on Saturday morning that didn't have two minutes to spare this week to use the tools available to them. (It's really kind of simple and actually very courteous.)

It's never too late to sponsor our event! Costs go up every year and it gets harder and harder to run events on this scale. We're super proud to be sponsored by ProKicker Footbags and World Footbag, but we're certainly not opposed to adding more sponsors to be proud of. Don't be shy- Navy Pier hosts MILLIONS of visitors every weekend! It's the most cost-effective way to get your message to the masses. Check out the Sponsors tab if you are interested.

See you in Chicago next weekend!

PT Lovern (left) and Ben Alston battle in front of the crowd at Navy Pier.
Photo by Joe Durling.