WILL BE HELD JUNE 24-25, 2017


              Photos from previous Windy City Cup events

 Kids love footbag!

Tom Whitworth spikes on Jack Harris and Patti Schrickel at Humboldt Park.
Photo by Edwin Veltman.

Fletcher Funk enjoying the scene at Humboldt Park.

 2013 WCC Champion Patti Schrickel shows off his game face.

 Tom Whitworth surprises Greg Grandy with his toe jam.

 Chris Siebert delivers a sole push to 2012 WCC Champs Dan Greer and Dominic O'Brien.

 Chris "Conan" Siebert puts down a spike to the delight of the crowd.

Scot Hansen attempts to block a Jack Harris toe reverse.  Photo by Edwin Veltman.

The 2013 Finals Match begins at Navy Pier.

Conan destroys a scuff at Navy Pier.  Photo by Edwin Veltman.

The man on the mic and his better half.  Fletcher Funk and Emily Kulczyk kept the tent under control at Navy Pier.

Patti serves it up in the Final Match.

 Chris "Conan" Siebert finishes Tuan Vu's perfect set.

Tuan Vu in a moment of ultimate focus.

 Chris Siebert delivers another crushing spike during the Finals.
Conan was able to win the singles crown, but he and Tuan Vu fell just short to
Champions Patti Schrickel and Jack Harris.

Ben Alston spikes to the delight of the large crowds we saw all day at Navy Pier at the 2011 WCC.  Photo courtesy of Joe Durling.

PT battles runner-ups Walt Houston (blocking) and Ben Alston for the 2011 Cup.

Dominic O'Brien and PT battle it out in the semi-finals at the 2011 WCC.

PT Lovern and Walt Houston battle in the finals at the 2011 edition.

You can never have enough pictures and videos.  Thanks to Pro Kicker's Yves Archambault for all of the support and inspiration.  He's pictured here preserving memories of the 2011 Finals Day.

2009 Windy City Cup Doubles Semifinal with Walt Houston (left) and Cory Current.  Photo courtesy of

2010 Windy City Cup Finals Match with Patrick Schrickel (left) and Emmanuel Bouchard.  Photo courtest of Veronica Smith.

All photos courtesy of CLCK except where noted otherwise.

To see more photography from Joe Durling, click here.